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What we believe

In Relation to the Godhead

We believe in only one God, who exists in three distinct but co-equal and co-eternal Divine Persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. This by no means implies that the second Person is inferior to the first, and the third to both first and second. What is intended by the order is that the Son came forth from the Father, and the Holy Spirit came forth from the Father and the Son. There is no inferiority of Person.

In Relation to the Guidebook

The Holy Bible is the Word of God for all peoples and for all ages. We believe that it is the Divinely inspired, incorruptible, and unchanging volume, containing the loftiest truth of God for mankind. The Word is Divine, because it came from God. Men were chosen of God and guided by the Holy Spirit to write the infallible and inerrant words.

In Relation to the Gospel

Humanity is universally condemned and alienated from God as a result of the Fall in Eden. By birth and by practice, all men and women are sinners and equally guilty before God, and there is no exception. However, the atoning death of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross – and His subsequent resurrection on the third day – is the only but all-sufficient basis of eternal salvation for all mankind. To escape eternal condemnation, and to have the forgiveness of sins and a place in heaven, each sinner must repent and receive the Lord Jesus Christ as his own Lord and Saviour by faith.

In Relation to the Gathering

We are a company of Christians gather only to the peerless and blessed Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are independent of any system, denomination, and organisation ordained by man. The presence of the Lord is the only attraction and focus of our gathering, and He alone claims the place of pre-eminence.

Our History

How it all began

2006 and prior

Brother Lim Beng Hup, who is a member of Paramount Gospel Hall, lives in Puchong Utama. He had a friend who professed to be saved and was interested to study the Bible. On a regular basis Beng Hup and his friend studied the Bible together. He was doing this in 2006 or earlier. He became exercised to see a work done for the Lord in Puchong. He made his exercise known to his brethren in Paramount Gospel Hall. They gave their blessing to Beng Hup as it was seen to be the commencement of an outreach work. John See was asked to help Beng Hup who later requested that Fong Gim Siew join in the work too. During this time the late Thomas Bentley was helping in the Bible Study and giving encouragement to the three brethren. After some months a house was made available for these brethren to use who in turn paid a rent to the owner. Since the brethren in Paramount supported the work, they provided the funds to meet the cost of renting the house.



In March the brethren were able to secure the lease of first floor of a shop lot in a new shopping area of Puchong Utama. This proved to be much more accessible from the public’s point of view. It was then that Sunday School and Bible Class commenced. These brethren and some younger brethren and sisters travelled to Puchong after the Sunday morning remembrance meeting in Paramount Gospel Hall to conduct meetings there.


As time passed, it was possible to have the preaching of the Gospel introduced after the Sunday School and Bible Class.


August 31, 2008 saw an assembly planted. There were sixteen believers gathered in the hall to remember the Lord that morning. They were:-

Mr and Mrs Fong Gim Siew, Mr and Mrs Vincent See, James See, Mr and Mrs John See, Mr and Mrs Shawn Lee, Ms Deborah Fong, Mr Alvin Chan, Ms Jennie Wong, Mr Ngelambai Muleng, Mr Timothy Ten, Ms Jayne Lee and Mr Tong Yen Xiu.

The new assembly regularized the meetings with Lord’s Supper on Sunday morning, followed by Sunday School and Bible Class, in the evening the Gospel was preached. On Tuesday night the assembly met for Prayer and Bible Reading.



In December 2012 the assembly relocated to Bandar Puteri another district of Puchong occupying the first floor of a leased shop-lot. This location was more central to Puchong and was more dynamic in that sense. The assembly was consolidating its presence with regular distribution of Gospel tract and expanding the Sunday School work. Monthly ministry meetings were introduced to encourage spiritual gift.  

Helpful fellowship with teaching brethren from other assemblies was possible and these brethren were invited to minister to the saints. Every year the month of March was set aside so that a special series of Gospel meetings could be held with our beloved brother Gideon Khoo from the Kota Kemuning Assembly as the main speaker. Each night one of our own brethren shared the Gospel with Gideon. The assembly made sure the ground was prepared with distribution of invitation and Gospel leaflets, well before the commencement of these meetings. The assembly was blessed with visits from overseas brethren who attended Conferences organized by our brethren in Paramount Gospel Hall over the years, and latterly by brethren in Kota Kemuning Gospel Hall also.



The assembly’s exercise was to purchase a suitable building in the same area as over the years the Gospel and Sunday School work progressed. During this time an anonymous gift was received with the desire of the giver that it should go towards the purchase of a building. From that time on we began an evaluation of our resources with the objective to realize our God given desire. Thus, the search was on and we looked at nearby areas. Towards the end of the year, a building nearby was identified and the assembly was able to negotiate with the owner for the purchase of same.



In January the purchase of 87 Jalan Puteri 5/3 in Bandar Puteri, Puchong was completed.

It was decided that the existing building be converted from being one and a half- storey to a double-storey building.

Accordingly architectural plans were drawn up and a contractor was appointed and the building plans were submitted to MBSJ for approval.


2019 onward to the present

The building plans were approved in December 2019, whereupon the contractor commenced the renovation works in January 2020.

At the same time the coronavirus covid19 was about to hit us. Eventually on 18 March 2020 MCO was officially declared. In spite of the difficult times visited upon all of us, the contractor completed the renovation in June 2020. It remains then for the building to be inspected by MBSJ and the resultant CCC to be issued to us for occupation in due course. It was on 3 September 2021 that we received the certificate.

Occupation and use of our building now being permissible but with due observance of covid 19 SOP, the assembly gathered on Sunday 3 October for thanksgiving and prayers. The following Sunday we gathered to remember the Lord Jesus Christ in the Lord’s Supper meeting only.

It was decided that from January 2022 Gospel meetings should commence again on Sunday evenings.

God willing, we plan to also start our Prayer and Bible Reading meeting on Tuesday night from April 2022.

Sunday School work is in abeyance for the time being.


Matters of interest in relation to Puchong Utama Gospel Hall


The late servant of God, Thomas Bentley.

Tom Bentley from Northern Ireland served His Master from 1957 in Malaysia until he was called home to his reward on 9 June 2011.

He was very much involved with the assembly and laboured in Puchong over all these years.


How God provided the funds for the purchase of the property

That God worked in wondrous ways we have no doubt. We received the funds needed in so many different ways and from various individuals, institution and assemblies.

Paramount Gospel Hall

South Oakleigh Gospel Hall

Kota Kemuning Gospel Hall

The Lord’s work Trust

Anonymous gifts


Believers’ loans


Teaching and preaching brethren from home and abroad who had meetings with us.

October 2008

Brian Currie – Northern Ireland

March 2009

Stan Wells – Canada

April 2009

Howard Barnes – England

May 2009

David Oliver – America

December 2009

Eric McCullough – America

May 2010

Howard Barnes – England

Wesley Martin – Northern Ireland

June 2010

Brian Currie – Northern Ireland

August 2010

Gideon Khoo – Malaysia

Thomas Bentley – Northern Ireland

David Oliver – America

September 2010

Tan Teck Leng – Australia

October 2010

Jack Fung – Hong Kong

December 2010

Kevin Oh – England

April 2011

Howard Barnes – England

June 2011

Jackie Palmer – Northern Ireland

September 2011

Kevin Oh - England

October 2011

Gideon Khoo – Malaysia

November 2011

Howard Barnes – England

December 2011

Stan Wells – Canada

June 2012

Robin McKeown – Northern Ireland

William Banks – Scotland

March 2013

Gideon Khoo – Malaysia

May 2013

Howard Barnes – England

David McAllister – Eire

Brian Currie – Northern Ireland

Jackie Palmer – Northern Ireland

July 2013

David Gilliland – Northern Ireland

November 2014

Les Hills – Australia

May 2015

Brian Currie – Northern Ireland

Jackie Palmer – Northern Ireland

June 2015

Alan Summers – Scotland

Howard Barnes – England

William Skates – Canada

March 2016

Gideon Khoo – Malaysia

April 2016

Howard Barnes – England

May 2016

Paul Andrews – Northern Ireland

August 2016

Thomas Wilson – Scotland

March 2017

Gideon Khoo - Malaysia

May 2017

David Gilliland – Northern Ireland

Thomas Wilson – Scotland

March 2018

Gideon Khoo – Malaysia

May 2018

Brian Currie – Northern Ireland

Dan Rudge – England

Jackie Palmer – Northern Ireland

August 2018

Stan Wells – Canada

December 2018

David Gilliland – Northern Ireland

David McAllister – Eire

June 2019

Craig Munro – Scotland

December 2019

Alan Summers – Scotland


Believers who were baptized

September 2008

Gerald Lim

Isaac Low

Daniel Fong

Velerie Khen

Jeya and her three sons


March 2010

Jason Low

Simon and Rita

March 2014

Larry Quek

Daniel Kuan

August 2016

Dana Krishnan

Elizabeth Lee

April 2018

Vennie Wong

September 2018

Ian Quek

March 2020

Isobel Soo


Expatriate believers who worked in the Klang Valley


Anand and Keya with daughter Anora

Abey Kuruvila and Kathy

Northern Ireland

William Ussher



John See and family left to live and work in Sarawak

Vincent See, Nancy and James

Timothy Ten and Jayne Lee commended to USJ4 Gospel Hall

Larry Quek and Ian

Dana Krishnan

Isobela Stevenson

Daniel Kuan

Lee Kim Huat, Florence, Esther, Emilia, Elizabeth and Irene Tan.

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